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A Lime A Day (Calacas Dupe) 
A lime base with hints of neroli and olibanum.

Aglow (Avobath Dupe) 
Fresh citrus blends with lively lemongrass for a splash of luxury.

Amber & Lavender
A comforting and soothing blend of lavender, vanilla, soft musk and patchouli.

Apple Orchard
A juicy, crisp scent of freshly cut McIntosh apples straight from the orchard.

Autumn Fig Harvest
Fig, caramel, and cinnamon with hints of apple, lemon, ginger, and earthy notes of coffee, twigs and wet forest.


Baby Powder
The fresh, classic scent of baby powder.

Balsam Fir
A refreshing and outdoorsy blend of fir and pine with notes of light cedar and warm musk.

Barber Shop

Earthy oakmoss and patchouli are complemented by fresh basil leaf and vibrant bergamot.

Slight fruity top note dries down to a malt musk and barley background.

Berry Peach Macaron 
Gourmet blend of ripe raspberries, grape, peach, and apricot with white sugar, almond cream, and vanilla macaron. 

Birthday Cake
A delectable vanilla cake accord sweetened with sugar and buttercream icing.

Blackberry & Sage
Juicy ripe blackberries mix with fresh herb notes of sage and rosemary.


A botanical blend of chamomile, jasmine, rose and ylang with creamy undertones of apricot and musk form a natural aroma.

Cheers (Celebrate Dupe) 
A zesty blend of orange flower, lime, and cognac.

Cherry Pipe
A cozy scent of cherry and vanilla with fresh tobacco.

Cinnamon Roll
Fresh, warm and buttery cinnamon rolls topped with sugary icing.

A bright and fresh fragrance of lemon, orange and eucalyptus create this citronella scent.

Coffee, Cream & Sugar
Rich coffee blended with cream and sweet sugar crystals.

The wonderful aroma of a cozy coffee shop full of coffee beans and freshly brewed coffee.

Comforting (The Comforter Dupe) 
Fresh bergamot, earthy patchouli and floral on a base of vanilla and musk.



Fairy Dust (Snow Fairy Dupe) 
Sweet blend of fruity peaches and citrus, soft floral jasmine and violets, with warm vanilla and exotic musk.

Farm Fresh 
Vibrant green notes of garden fennel and mint add freshness to soft woods and black currant.

Fresh Cut Grass
Fresh greens, sweet leaf and earthiness create this wonderful aroma of a freshly mowed lawn.

Fruit Loops Type
Sweet orange, tangy cherry, and sweet vanilla bean with sandalwood create this nostalgic cereal scent.



Honey Bath

Creamy honey with hints of citrus and caramel on top of vanilla musk.


Iced Wine 

Frosty grape with notes of grapefruit, bergamot and buchu create this fruity, sweet fragrance.


Jelly Doughnut
A delectable delight of sugar, fried dough, sweet vanilla and strawberry jam.



Earthy undertones combine with spices to capture the essence of autumn leaves.

Lemon Cake
Mouthwatering fresh lemon layered with notes of whipped vanilla, graham cracker, warm butter, and sugar.


A clean floral scent of fresh magnolia blooms.

Maple Roasted Peach
Fresh roasted peaches sweetened with maple syrup and a dash of cardamom.

Maple Syrup
The sweet aroma of fresh maple syrup.


Nag Champa
Exotic and earthy blend of flowers, patchouli, balsam, musk & woods. Well known for its use in incense.

North Star 
Pine, cypress, lemon, and lime with white musk notes.


Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond.

Ocean Breeze 
Soothing ocean air and sea salt with touches of moss, musk and golden amber.


Pipe Tobacco
Fresh tobacco leaves with a hint vanilla. This scent is not smoky, it's warm and a little sweet, resembling a humidor of fresh tobacco.

Pirate Ship (Black Pearl Dupe) 
Calming lavender and chamomile intertwined with myrrh, olibanum, and a touch of sugary sweetness.



Raspberry Harvest
Fresh, sweet, sun-ripened raspberries with notes of apple and vanilla sugar crystals.

Red Cedar
A fresh cedar wood aroma infused with greenery and warm woods.

Roasted Pine Cone
Clean, crisp pine notes with a background of sandalwood, vanilla and slight hints of berry.

Rose Petals
A floral blend of rose petals with a touch of vanilla.


Spring Garden
Refreshing blend of mint, herbs, avocado, and lush greens.

Spring Rain
A blend of lilies, hyacinth, cassis, bergamot and rainfall.

Freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla.

Sugared Berries 
A bright mix of rich, tart berries covered in sweet sugar.

A lovely sunflower floral scent with earthy undertones.


Tea & Cakes
Warm, rich tea steeping beside a slice of freshly made cake.

Tomato Leaf
A garden-fresh fragrance of tomato leaf, wild herbs, subtle notes of florals, ending with musky-earth and twigs.



A true sweet and warm vanilla scent. 

Vanilla Oak

Warm vanilla enveloped with oak, cedar, patchouli and musk.

Vanilla Remix (Vanillary Dupe) 
Sweet, creamy vanilla blends with soft jasmine, lily, tonka bean, and sandalwood.


A blend of bourbon, brandy and rum with light background notes of dark cedarwood.

Wild Strawberries
A sweet fragrance of sun-ripened strawberries ready to be picked.



Yog Nog
Sweet caramel and buttery brown sugar with nuances of ylang ylang, florals, clove, strawberry and cotton candy on a base of musk and warm vanilla.


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